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Terms of Service

Last update: 23rd January 2023
All professional correspondence (inquiries regarding my work, commissions, quotes, etc.) is handled exclusively through my e-mail by my agent. I don't conduct business through direct messages, IMs, comments or any other channels; inquiries sent there will be ignored. Please use my e-mail: contact@isvoc-art.com
Both me and my agent communicate in English language. If you are unable to clearly communicate in English, translator or not, your inquiry won't be accepted.
By ordering a commission you agree to these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
By ordering a commission you declare that you are of legal age.
I reserve right to not accept your commission order without any reason or explanation.
I have right to alter my Terms of Service at any time. New rules will not apply retroactively and won't influence orders started on older terms.

Openings and Ordering
Quotes can be requested at any time throughout the month. Quotes expire after 2 months. Receiving a quote is not equivalent to your commission being accepted.
Deadline, if desired, has to be communicated and agreed on before initial quote. Deadlines affect the price and can be refused.
Individual payment plans must be communicated and agreed on before invoice is sent.
Commissions are accepted only on the dates posted publicly on my social pages, and are picked from among already quoted inquiries. If you are interested in getting art, please e-mail my agent to get a quote first.
I only work with provided materials. Commission description should contain visual reference [except character design type] and brief description. Poetry and prose won't be accepted as reference material. References should be concise, up to date and written in English language.
Any changes outside of initial project and quote must be discussed and additionally approved. Changes may be individually charged depending on their complexity.
By providing me with the references for your commission you declare that you have full copyrights or the owner’s permission for usage of the character design depicted on those references.
If order involves multiple people, all communication with the artist should be handled by single representative elected privately by said group, regardless to the amount of people that paid for the commission. I will not be involved in any quarrels among the group members nor responsible for the resulting situations. I won't be updating each person involved in project, all updates will be passed to selected representative only.
I don't accept reservations. I don't host waiting lists of any kind.

Payments and Refunds
All payments must be made via Paypal; upfront, with the exception of payment plans.
All invoices are due within 7 days from receiving them, unless agreed otherwise. Invoices past the due date will be cancelled, also cancelling the commission associated to it.
Payments without prior invoice won't be accepted. Please include your paypal address so invoice can be prepared and sent.
I am covering all possible fees and transfer-related expenses.
Individual payment plans are available for commissions at 300 EUR and above, with each payment being minimum 150 EUR. In case of multiple installments I prepare the sketch once 50% threshold of total price is reached. Work is continued once the full price is paid. If you know in advance you are not able to pay within one month, I suggest you to e-mail my agent once you save up enough.
Refunds can be requested at any time. If commission is being cancelled during actual creation process refunds will be calculated depending on done progress.
Full refunds are issued only before the start of work on particular order.

Creation process, Revisions, Deadlines
Commission list doesn't reflect queue/work order. For creative purposes I alternate between the pieces.
Most commission types will receive sketch stage for approval and right to revision. If there is no revision/sketch stage, it is mentioned in the commission type description.
Further work-in-progress updates are provided exclusively after client's request.
Revisions depend on commission type. Revision right applies for any kind of art above 150 EUR with one possible revision. Full Illustrations get up to two applicable revisions. [revision - major alternation of initial sketch]
Final edits and adjustments are always welcome, but not included in initial quote. They may be charged depending on complexity.
Any additional work outside of initial project can be refused, or will be quoted and charged for accordingly.
Additional services like livestreams, timelapse videos and similar are currently unavailable.
Commissions are taken and done on monthly basis. Usual turnaround is 1-2 months.

I as an artist retain all rights to created artwork. I reserve right to repost, use and sell created art in digital or physical forms. Profits won't be shared.
Clients may repost watermarked small resolution art (provided upon completion of the commission) at will as long as credit to an author is included and no profit is being made.
I do not claim any rights to characters and other intellectual properties used in process of creation.
Every client has possibility to buy full commercial rights to commissioned artwork. Details will be discussed individually. Please expect industry rates and legal contracts.
Clients are not permitted, under any circumstances, to use any part of their commissioned artwork with blockchain-based technologies, cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens or AI technologies. Use of the artwork in these ways is strictly prohibited.

Please respect I have my own working hours and I won't be sharing my schedules.
My private contact information will not be shared with clients.
Topics that could be qualified as religious, pornographic, gore or hate art won't be accepted, as well as satire, caricature, chibi and other "cute" types of work that don't match my art style. If you are unsure if you qualify - ask!

Privacy Policy

Last update: 23rd January 2023

The only data being collected by this website is the information necessary to access it - system logs and diagnostic data (which includes some information about your device such as IP address and web browser version). Processing of this information is necessary to view the website. I do not share said information with any third parties, and do not use tracking technologies (cookies, pixel tags or similar) or advertising technologies.

During commission process, following data is collected and stored, and used for:
- nicknames - this will be put on the commission status list which is publicly available on my website (this can be anonymized on request), and is primary means of identifying you as a client
- real name - to ensure older commissions are available exclusively to you
- e-mail address - for communication with you, and is primary means of identifying you as a client
- PayPal e-mail address - to create and send invoices to you using Paypal
- country of residence - for tax purposes, as I may have to pay different tax rate depending on your answer
- type and price of the commission you ordered - to ensure older commissions are available to you, and to ensure price fairness between other clients
No other information is collected or stored. Please refer to Paypal's privacy policy for details on services they provide.

I do not process any data you provide me with for the marketing purposes. Your paypal e-mail address, commission type, and commission price is shared with PayPal to create appropriate invoice. No other data is shared with anyone else.

Present Privacy Policy is subject to changes at any time at my sole discretion. By viewing this website or using my services you declare you understand that it is your obligation to periodically review this Privacy Policy to account for any changes made.

For more information about my privacy practices, to update or remove your data, if you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact me by e-mail at contact@isvoc-art.com